Online Shopping to restrain the Paper bags Market? Jul 05, 2022

Although retail sales of global outlook looks positive for the forecast period, e-Commerce turnover might hamper the growth in demand for paper bags. In 2019, the e-Commerce turnover in the developed regions was up by around 15%.


Matured e-Commerce markets in the these regions have witnessed that online shopping is preferred by the younger generation, who, combined with the population of children, make up for almost 1/3 of the population.


Almost two-third of the young population prefers online shopping, whereas the remaining one-third avoids it due to chances of receiving damaged products and uncertain delivery timelines, thereby preferring stationary retail.


Although stationary retail continues to be bolstered by growing consumer confidence and an aging population, growth of e-Commerce has been notable over the past 5 years. This plays a significant role in limiting the demand for paper bags, as online shopping requires them to be replaced by more rigid packaging solutions.

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